Thursday, December 08, 2016

A seed of an idea

A seed of an idea. Like many others that you thought of. But this seems different. Something interesting. Something more.

You keep thinking about it. Look at it from all the angles. It looks promising.

You discuss it. Yes, you had already thought of that angle. And you thought of it the other way too. But wait wait, you didn’t look at it in this fashion. Oh and also, how about that possibility? That is probably a better a way of approaching it. Interesting, very interesting…

Did somebody already try that? Was that a success or failure? They probably didn’t execute it right. There are many ways it could go wrong, but you, you can do right.

You build a tiny prototype. Just that core piece that is oh-so-critical. Looking good. Now that you see it work… its amazing. Didn’t think this would be an added advantage. Or is that the primary benefit? Hmm…

You know that you know a lot more about it now, than when you started. You know there is so much more.

You have a good hold of that idea now. Or probably the idea has a hold on you.

It is evolving in your sleep. It gives you sparks of brilliance at 5 in the morning. You shudder out of sleep in ecstasy. You know, you rock!

It occupies you all the time.

Breakfast, lunch, coffee or dinner.

You live the idea.

You breathe it.

The idea goes with you everywhere.
The idea takes you places.

Give it thought. Give it time. Give it action. Do it!