Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bitcoin: A Bubble?

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  • A: Why does its value fluctuate?
  • B: Same reason why the value of any other commodity or equity shares fluctuate.
  • A: What is it backed by? Equity shares have the products created by the corporation or its assets as its backing?
  • B: I don't think its backed by anything per-se. Even in case of corporations, the perceived value as reflected in the market capitalization wouldn't always match the assets or the created products. 
  • A: All currencies are usually backed by gold, aren't they. There is no such backing for bitcoins. Could the energy spent in mining the bitcoins the backing for bitcoins?
  • B: True that. That makes it seem like a bubble. I don't have anything to show for it when things are going south. The energy spent is actually energy spent, I still don't have anything to show for it.
  • A: Actually, what happens if the price of gold itself goes down, what do we have to show for that? An ornament?
  • B: Let's go back to the time in human civilization where only food and wood (shelter) was required for survival. At that point, what would be the value of gold, nothing. I can't eat it, I can't use it for shelter. It's as good as stone. It's price rose only when multiple people were interested in it.
  • A: And it was scarce enough. Demand-Supply. As long as you have demand, the value will be maintained. So yeah, apart from food and shelter everything else is pretty much perceived value driven by demand-supply.
  • B: The supply is throttled at about 25 bitcoins per 10 minutes for miners, so that addresses the supply side
  • A: I wonder what is the number of bitcoin owners. If all of them together dump bitcoin, only then the demand will go down. 
  • B: Hmm, that will affect the value of bitcoin, but we could still continue to use it as a medium of currency exchange. 

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