Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fresh Minds == Fresh Ideas

Seems quite obvious but very hard to follow...

Once we are working on something for an extended duration of time, the base assumptions get latched on to our mind. We continue to be actively focused and working towards our targeted milestones, ignoring these along the way. It takes a fresh mind to question these assumptions. Only then do we realise 'Ouch, that is no longer true...'. We have to continue to flush/revisit these base assumption.

That's why we stumble upon debugging clues when we discuss the problem with someone.

That's why we have a deeper understanding of a subject when we teach it to someone.

So if you care about innovation, if you care about questioning the status-quo, ensure you encourage fresh minds to contribute ideas openly. Make it an integral part of your organization's culture. Ensure every idea is evaluated on the merit of the idea than that of the proposer.

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